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Miami Heat Tickets vs. Chicago Bulls The Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat are members of the Eastern Conference. Their home games are played at the United Center in Chicago and American Airlines Arena in Miami. The Chicago Bulls are Founded in 1966, have won nine Division titles, six Conference titles and six Championships. ....more





The Chicago Bulls are one of the most favorite teams in the NBA, and most of it is because of their explosive point guard Derrick Rose. Certainly one of the greatest players in the league right now but hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to injury. Rose missed all of last season and the playoffs after tearing his ACL the season prier to that and came back this season. After being back for a hand full of games Rose ended up tearing his Meniscus and was scheduled for surgery the up coming Monday. His surgery was successful but Rose will be out for the remainder of the season, but he may return for the playoffs, that is if the Chicago Bulls can make it to the playoffs without him. They did last year and they were pretty good until they went up against the defending champs the Miami Heat without D. Rose. Even though Derrick Rose is out he is second on the team with the most points scored per game with 16. Luol Deng is first with 18.2 points per game. Even without Derrick the Chicago Bulls find ways to beat their opponents more times then not. With a record of 7 wins and 8 loses the Chicago Bulls hope to keep their playoff run alive with the rest of the team in pretty good shape. Kirk Hinrick has a shoulder issue and Luol Deng also has some minor back problems but the two still play their hearts out especially now that the Chicago Bulls star is out for the rest of the season again. 


Most people criticize the star saying that he isn't being a good leader but instead he is showing the team that patients and time is the only way to heal an injury like this and even though he may not be there in the games he is there on the bench and in practice and the locker rooms cheering them on and supporting them all the way like a leader should weather they are injured or not. He will be missed and though the Chicago Bulls games wont be as exciting as they are with him in they are still fun to watch for the fans and fun to play for the players. Chicago Bulls  basketball is all about not giving up and to keep moving forward and with this new team the Chicago Bulls are striving to make it, though they aren't the best in the league they are definitely putting on a show when they play the top teams if not beating them or ending their streaks. All Chicago Bulls fans can do now is pray for a healthy recovery and that Rose comes back better then ever and helps them beat the Heat and take home another Trophy to the Windy city.

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